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I hold a master’s degree in TCM from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, where I focused on orthopedics and pain management. Following graduation, I mentored for three years with Efrem Korngold, modern-day Chinese medicine pioneer and author of “Between heaven and Earth”, with emphasis on internal medicine, five-element diagnosis and treatment.



Over the past several years my work has been a careful combining of the deeper, more holistic aspects of Chinese medicine with directly physical techniques for pain management and injury recovery. In this way, both root and branch, symptom and underlying cause, can be simultaneously addressed.

My work at Pain and Rehabilitation Consultants in Emeryville allows me to interface directly with neurologists, psychologists, pain management doctors and physical therapists on advanced cases involving industrial accidents and long-term extreme pain and dysfunction.


It’s an honor to be on the leading edge of integrative care with a highly skilled interdisciplinary team. It’s an opportunity to both teach and learn, and it greatly informs the work I do in my private practice.

My Philosophy

Each patient is a unique story and set of circumstances. Some cases are straightforward and can be addressed solely on the musculoskeletal level. Other times there are deeper causes that go beyond ergonomics and activities. Two patients with the same diagnosis will often require two very different treatment plans. It is imperative, in order to be effective in this work, to stay away from flow-chart diagnosis and cookie cutter treatments. You have to be present, regard each patient as their own set of parameters, address their complaints at the source and adapt to their responses in real time.

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