Feel better. Live better.  

My practice is in North Berkeley, in the beautiful Wellness Center adjoining the Yogakula yoga studio at Shattuck and Virginia. I accept health insurance, and will be happy to verify your benefits free of any charge or obligation. I am skilled in the treatment of a wide array of disorders,from musculoskeletal pain, anxiety/depression, insomnia, digestive issues, women’s health, and more. Many physical health issues arise due to a misalignment on a deeper level. In a very direct way, when the spirit isn’t settled in the body, we make lifestyle choices that don’t serve our health or happiness. Very often, the root of poor physical and mental health lies in this phenomenon. As such, I take a two-fold approach, using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to directly treat presenting symptoms while simultaneously approaching the deeper, underlying aspects of each patient’s health. This results in both symptomatic relief, and deeper, more permanent health outcomes.  


You are a conduit for energy.

A fundamental key to health and well-being involves maintaining connection to the source of your own best energy, and channeling it in all that you do. It is my opinion that true health has more to do with this than with any other phenomenon. 

I am basically a technician for this process. In addition to treating a wide range of symptoms, I clear stagnant or polluted energy, balance the body and mind and redirect you to your source, so you can better feel like your true self.

​Think about what lights you up inside. Think about what flows through you when you’re at your absolute best. You are a conduit for energy. Tap into the energy that is supposed to flow through you, that brings you to your best, and channel it in everything you do.

​The more you live from this place, the better your health will be and the more your life will unfold…
I am a California licensed acupuncturist, clinical herbalist and therapeutic bodyworker. I hold a masters degree from the American College of traditional Chinese Medicine, have certifications in Shiatsu and tui-Na (Asian therapeutic bodywork), and postgraduate training in 5 element acupuncture, a little known and deeply powerful form of acupuncture that brings about lasting, transformational results on the level of the spirit.